The benefits of custom software development. The so-called software customization is customized development on demand. Now with the continuous improvement of the level of enterprise informatization, many enterprises have begun to realize the huge benefits that the use of customized software brings to enterprises.

With the development of network technology, software plays a huge role in the work of enterprises. Enterprises have discovered the importance of the Internet and information construction of the times to enterprises.

Let me tell you about these advantages of custom software development!

The benefits of custom software development

The benefits of custom software development

1. Low cost

Customized software development reduces the financial requirements for enterprises. General-purpose software generally has more functions, and sometime may not use some functions.

For example, in the shopping cart function of some app malls. Many people put the goods that need to be purchased in the shopping cart. If they do not place the order in time, they will choose a lot at a later stage. Then, the syndrome of selection difficulties will come. Sometimes it is difficult to choose , they might choose not to buy it.

In addition, there are many functions, and the price will naturally rise. Since customized software is developed according to your own needs, the functions are relatively practical and targeted, and the price is naturally relatively cheaper.

2. Easy to operate

Compared with general purpose software, all the functions of customized software are needed by enterprises / individuals, which not only avoids software functions being idle. But, also because the functions of customized software are needed by employees / consumers.

This not only improves the learning and work efficiency of employees, the interface functions are simple and clear, and consumers’ shopping needs will be much clearer. At the same time, this will also promote consumers to consume immediately and maximize the benefits of our software.

The benefits of custom software development

3. It meets the individual needs of enterprises / individuals

Because customized software is customized and developed according to the needs of the company itself, it provides companies or individuals with targeted services. Meet the needs of different types of users. Then, ensure that the functions of the APP software truly meet the needs of users, and realize the value.

4. Lower cost of secondary development

Customized software is all source code delivered to enterprises or individuals, so enterprises and individuals can make adjustments to software functions at any time as long as they have computer technicians, thereby saving development costs.

If it is not source code delivery, the choice is to rent or apply a template. If the software is made in such a form, its data security and settlement cannot be guaranteed.

Because this form of software does not have its own server. Then, you need to find the company that helped you develop it later, and there are still some functions that cannot be added. Generally, customers are not recommended to adopt this method.

The benefits of custom software development

5. Meet the needs of users to upgrade the software at any time

Because the enterprise is constantly progressing with the economy and society. So, any software needs to be constantly changed according to the needs of the enterprise’s own management during the using process. With customized software, the enterprise can carry out secondary development by itself, which is simple and convenient for customized management.

6. Good service

Because before developing customized software, software companies need to understand the needs of the company, so the software company is very familiar with the management ideas and corporate culture of the company, so that it can be more targeted for after-sales service.

The benefits of custom software development

7. The source code interaction is safe, stable and flexible

If the source code is delivered, companies can apply for software copyright (ie, apply for patents) at the China Copyright Protection Center. For companies, software copyright is a prerequisite for high-tech enterprise identification and dual-software certification.

If you apply for high-level and dual-soft certification, you can enjoy up to 2 million support funds and up to 40% tax relief, which is still very attractive, and it is also conducive to the company’s later bidding for other projects.

For individuals: Individuals can be technically invested in shares, and the evaluation of professional titles will also have a comparative advantage!

8. The software function is extensible

Because it is customized development, companies can select key functions for customized development based on their industry specifics, product features, and business services. The company owns software ownership, including software source files, software copyrights, etc.

Therefore, customers can freely add or reduce software functions based on the cooperation with the software customization development company.

9. The later technical maintenance is perfect

As cooperates with experienced and strong software customization development company, the software technology maintenance is easier.

If it is a template-developed software, it will be very difficult in the later technical maintenance process. When need to maintain, even the company does not know who to maintain and how to do the maintenance. Professional software customization development companies are dedicated to serving customers.

10. Technical features and advantages

The system follows the industry standards of enterprise informatization, meets the requirements of relevant informatization construction standard documents of our country, province and city.

Then, adheres to the design philosophy of information-centric and enterprise management as the center, fully integrates and utilizes various resources of the enterprise. Next, actively promotes enterprise informatization. Fully realize corporate information sharing.


The above are the benefits of custom software development. Software customization development is important to choose a reliable software development company.

Software helps companies operate at low cost, effectively improving work efficiency and management. Benefiting from the convenience of the software, the demand for enterprise software customization development has increased sharply.

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