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Plandoz Web Design HK Hong Kong gives you full services in developing and designing affordable business websites and e-commerce websites. Being a leading affordable web design company Hong Kong, we understand the requirements of meeting business goals via perfect website design and we aim to achieve them with immense creativity. Plandoz Web Design HK Hong Kong is the best solution for you to move your business to the next level of success with an affordable business website.

All websites that we design are fully responsive to all mobile devices such as iPhones, Ipads, tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops. We individually check the compatibility of any website development and how they render against main browsers. We ensure the quality of the design. We highly believe that the quality of a website directly elects for the track into it. We minimise our cost by maintaining good service and therefore you will get the maximum value for the price as a Plandoz Web Design HK customer.

Let us create an excellent aordable website for your business

We will move your business to the next level of success with our design.

One Page Web Design

Single page or one-page websites are becoming more popular among business owners due to its simplicity. In a one page website, all of the content contained in a nice looking one web page. You just have to scroll vertically to go through the layout. There will be a sticky menu which will help your customers to navigate through a one-page website.

Affordable Web Design

At Plandoz Web Design HK, We design and develop business websites to match your requirements. We are happy to say that we offer business websites design at affordable prices. You can also get a free domain name from us if you are a new business starter. All our affordable web designs are responsive to mobile devices which will immensely draw visitors to your business websites due to their user-friendliness.

Affordable Advance Business Web Design

Our Advanced Business Website package is suitable for people who will have dynamic content on their websites. For example, Letting Agents, Hotel Keepers, and Car rental companies will have constantly changing dynamic content on their website. Unlike in the other business website design package, in an advanced business package, most of the web pages are dynamically rendered. Advanced Business Website (advance-business-website.html) will also have a database attached to the website. Most of the data are rendered from the database.

Special features of Hong Kong Web Design Service

Responsive Web Design

Our websites are responsive to mobile devices. So they will adjust their layouts according to different device screen sizes. As a reputable web design company in Hong Kong, we strongly think about the end-user experience.

Free Web Support

Most websites need more tweaks in the first two months than at any other point in their life-cycle. Once your website is alive, We will support you in the first two months in all kinds of minor adjustments free of charge.

User Friendly Design

Lack of user-friendliness will give adverse effects such as bouncing off customers from websites. All our websites are cross-browser compatible which will provide the best user experience in different browsers.

Domain & Hosting + E-mail

We provide a free domain name, hosting and email addresses for the first year. This might be a huge help if you are new to the business world. From the second year onwards, you will have to pay a small fee on annual basis.

True Hong Kong Web Designers

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Being Hong Kong’s Leading Affordable Website Design Company, We love to provide our excellent service to Hong Kong business owners and entrepreneurs. We have designed websites with exceptional quality to many businesses in Hong Kong and across Hong Kong. Our customers love what they get with our affordable web design packages. Contact us today to get a business website done at really affordable

FAQ's about Cheap Web Design HK Hong Kong

Website Design and Development Questions and Answers

Plandoz Web Design HK Hong Kong will guide you through all the steps in the process of website development. We will communicate with you to get feedback and any ideas from you effectively in the process of designing.

Visit Planoz Web Design HK website for our price packages and also you will be able to get >an instant quote via our website. Our website design prices start from HK$10,000 But, the prices can be varied depending on various website features, factors or any special requirements.

To start the website design process, you will require to pay an advance of 50% of the total cost. Once the deposit is paid, we will proceed with web development. When we finished the project, we will show it to you. Then, you will have the remaining 50% of the total price. After you pay the full amount, we will arrange the launching the website and make it go online.

Plandoz Web Design HK Company Hong Kong offers website development services for any kinds of businesses: from small to large. We have designed many attractive websites for varies business such as taxi, health and care, restaurants, letting agents, service providers, food and many more. Our web developers have great experience working with a broad range of industries and business helping them to improve, get more customers and increase their sales through the quality websites.

For a Business website, Plandoz Web Design HK team will take 3-4 days. But for eCommerce website design, we will take up to 5-7 days. This time frame can be varied depending on the project requirement. We will try our best to finish the development as soon as possible if it is urgent.

Plandoz Web Design HKers use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Woocommerce, PHP and MySQL.

On your request, we will provide a one-time full backup of your website for free of charge if you host your website with us. But, if you need additional backups for your website you will be charged depending on the size.

Plandoz Website Designers Hong Kong will not accept to do any updates on your existing website which designed by another company. But we offer to redesign service for your existing website.

We also offer content writing and editing in all of our website designs unless you provide your own content for your website.

If you request ongoing updates, then we will charge you for the updates and changes depending on the complexity.

Once Plandoz Web Design HKers developed your website, it belongs to you including domain name, logo and the site. But, if you want to host the website in another hosting account or decide to go to another website builder, we are more than happy to transfer all the files effectively as soon as possible. Once we have done, we are not responsible for any hosting issues of your website.

To host your website that we designed, Plandoz Web Design HK uses our own hosting space. But, you can also get your own hosting account, and then we will be able to host it in your hosting account. We offer free hosting for the first year, then we will charge you for hosting, email and domain name

Backing up websites are so important and that is why Plandoz Web Design HK back all our websites locally as well as externally. Once in two days, on regular basis, we back all our websites up and this gives peace of mind to you as well as to us. There are millions of web hackers in the world who create viruses and back doors to misuse websites. This is where keeping a back up is important and it allows us to recover after an attack.

Our website hosting is included in all website design packages and it is free for rst year. After that, you will have to pay small amount yearly basis for the hosting space.