White and black hat in SEO. There are two main types of search engine optimization techniques: black hat and white hat.

Deceiving search engines and visitors by cheating, and eventually being punished by search engines are called black hats, such as hiding keywords, creating a lot of meta words, alt tags, etc.

The SEO techniques accepted by search engines through formal techniques and methods are called white hats.

White and black hat in SEO

White and black hat in SEO

White hat description

The white hat method of SEO follows the search engine acceptance principle. Their advice is generally to create content for users, make that content easy to index by search engine bots, and not play tricks on search engine systems.

When some site employees make mistakes in designing or building their site and the site ranks low, white hat methods can detect and correct errors such as unreadable menus, broken links, temporary redirection, inefficient indexing structure, etc.

Here are some methods that search engines deem appropriate:

White and black hat in SEO

White hat method

  • Use a short, unique and relevant title on each page.
  • Edit a web page with the theme of the page. Substitute vague words with relevant specific terms. This helps the audience that the site appeals to to be correctly guided to the site by searching on the search engine.
  • Use reasonably sized, accurately descriptive syndicates without overusing keywords, exclamation marks, or irrelevant headline terms.
  • Pay attention to the wording of the URL to help with search engine optimization.
  • Make sure all pages are accessible through normal links and not only through Java, JavaScript or Adobe Flash applications. This can be achieved by using a dedicated page listing all the content on the site (sitemap)
  • Develop links naturally: Google doesn’t bother with this somewhat confusing guide. Write an e-mail to the site clerk and tell him: You just posted a great article and requested a link, which is likely to be recognized by search engines.
  • Participate in a web group of other sites – as long as the other sites are independent, share the same topic and have comparable qualities.

White and black hat in SEO

White and black hat in SEO

Black hat description

Black hat methods use deception techniques and abuse search algorithms to market irrelevant, primarily business-focused web pages. The main purpose of black hat SEO is to get websites to rank as they want and gain more exposure, which can lead to unsatisfactory search results for ordinary users.

Therefore, once a search engine finds a website that uses “black hat” technology, it will lower its ranking, or it will permanently remove the website from the search results.

Businesses who choose black hat SEO services are partly deceived by service providers because they do not understand the value of SEO; the other part only focuses on short-term interests, and there is a mentality of leaving after making a fortune.

When these bad spam indexes are found, search engines may take action against those found to be using unethical optimization techniques. In February 2006, Google took down BMW Germany and Ricoh Germany because they used these methods:

Black hat method

  • Cloaking simply

It means that webmasters use two different versions of their web pages to achieve optimal results. One version is only for search engines to see, and one version is for people to see.

Search engines say this practice is irregular, and if found, the site will be permanently removed from the search engine list. But for dynamic web pages written by AJAX, Google also proposes a method called HTML Snapshot to facilitate search engines to include

  • Hidden text with keyword stuffing

This is another way to trick search engines. Usually it means to set the color of the keyword to be the same as the background color of the web page, or to achieve the optimization effect through the css hidden attribute (hidden feature).

Once this practice is discovered by Google, the encounter will also result in the site being removed from Google’s database.

  • Doorway pages

It also known as doorway pages, are usually software to automatically generate a large number of web pages containing keywords, and then automatically turn from these pages to the home page.

The goal is to hope that these bridge pages targeting different keywords will rank well in search engines. When the user clicks on the search result, they will automatically go to the home page.

Sometimes a link to the home page is placed on the bridge page without automatically going to the home page.

  • Paid link

It is to use payment method to request other websites to provide links to its own website, thereby disguising high-trust websites to deceive search engines.

Most of the types of paid links are anchor text type, and Google’s quality policy also Make it clear that links in exchange for money will have a negative impact on the site.

  • Link farm

It is to deliberately get a lot of links on some low-quality websites that have nothing to do with their own content, in order to improve their rankings.

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